Tailor-made large-scale
charging infrastructure

Electric and hybrid vehicles are becoming increasingly popular.  Offering charging stations at your company is an extra asset for both your employees and your visitors. We are happy to contribute to a cleaner, greener future. We provide advice about and install innovative charging stations for SMEs, industry, business parks, large car parks, employees at home, etc.

Extra Volt

Do you want to install charging stations? How many charging points do you want?  How is the site set up? We are happy to work out a proposal tailored to your company. Based on our engineering study work, we determine whether an indoor or external high-voltage cabin is required. We only work with reputable brands. This means we can guarantee optimum reliability and high efficiency

We also install charging stations at your employees' homes. This means their car can be charged at home as well as at work.

We take care of the entire project, from preparation to installation.  Once installed, we are happy to assist you with periodic maintenance.

Extra Volt
Extra Volt

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